Mad pie hoedown

VbC 2014 - June 20-22 at AllTogetherNow!

AllTogetherNow! is located at 170 Cherry Tree Hill Rd (off of Town Hill Rd) in East Montpelier.
Saturday night party will have live dance music, Woodbelly Pizza, and bonfire extravaganza!

Workshop proposals can be submitted to Ben Graham

5th Annual Mad Pie Hoedown

a fundraising event for Transition Town Montpelier region’s “Villagebuilding Convergence”

 April 26th,  7:30pm

At the Plainfield Community Center above the Plainfield CoOp.

There will be contra dancing and the famous pie auction. Come donate a pie, bid on a pie, listen to great music, have fun and dance the night away. All dances will be taught.

Suggested donation is $8 to $20.

Information: call Gail at 802-223-1730.

The Convergence is about building village-ness and community through shared experience and having fun.  The event hosts dozens of workshops every year on topics from how to ferment cabbage and how to compost, to how to build with waddle and daub.  We share skills, learn together, and celebrate with food, music, and performances.

The VbC is a project of Transition Town Montpelier.  Transition Towns provide a forum for people to come together to address issues like climate change and economic instability by developing resilient and sustainable communities.

Not too long ago, most humans had many basic skills that were essential for survival - growing and processing food being primary ones. Yet in coming to rely on modernity's comforts and economic promise many of us no longer have those skills, and this is what the Transition Town notion of reskilling addresses as that promise fails to pan out as we once thought it would.  Many skills can be found in the workshops during this year's VbC so stay tuned!

Vermont's Village-building Convergence was start five years ago, modeled after a similar event in Portland, Oregon.  For the first couple years we focused on doing projects, such as the garden shed at Barre's community garden.  For the last few years we've been putting on a weekend gathering of camping and skill-share workshops.  We're always open to new ideas from those who can make things happen, so join us this year, and if you're so inclined bring your big ideas.

Thanks to Elizabeth, Dan, and Benjamin for producing these videos.

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Press Release!

6th Annual VbC is on!

All Together Now in East Montpelier is hosting this years skill share extravaganza.

You can make this happen!

Present a workshop!

Perform a puppet show!

Help organize!

Or just come and enjoy!

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